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Strategic Plan 2016-2018


We envision a world where people are empowered to reach their full potential through the coaching profession.


To uphold the high standards of coaching established by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) by providing education, professional development, support and networking for coaches in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Goals and Objectives 2016 - 2018

Goal One:     Build a strong, consistent, and valued volunteer base

Objective 1:  Identify, recruit, engage and sustain volunteers

Objective 2:  Strengthen Governance

Objective 3:  Expand the “bench”

Goal Two:     Strategically Grow Membership

Objective 1:  Define Target Members

Objective 2:  Develop a targeted outreach program

Objective 3:  Increasing Member Value

Objective 4:   Build organizational culture

Goal Three:  Build Corporate Relations and Educational/Training Programs

Objective 1:   Create and maintain relationship with regional training programs

Objective 2:   Effectively align with company internal coaching programs

Objective 3:   Data Mining and Credentialing

Goal Four:    Secure Needed Resources

Objective 1:   Make fund raising a priority

Objective 2:   Develop a sponsorship/partnership program

Objective 3:   Initiate collaborative opportunities to expand program base

Objective 4:   Secure expertise to provide efficiency

Goal 5:          Engage ICF Global in Achieving ICFP Goals

Objective 1:   Build a mutually beneficial relationship with Global

Objective 2:   Enlist Global support in developing member value

Objective 3:   Approach Global on specific areas

Plan Summary

Goal 1 calls for a stronger volunteer base, involving both long term coaches and those just entering the coaching field; identifying opportunities for volunteer engagement including the generation of committee descriptions and the development of training programs for volunteers (possibly provided by Global).

Build the team; develop a succession plan (for VP positions and officers) and explore a back-up system to key positions (assistant VPs); redefine responsibilities for volunteer and paid staff; create incentives for service, and provide for consistency and professional growth among volunteers; address the perception that competition exists.

Goal 2 focuses upon trained professionals credentialed with ICF and working in the field; define the role of credentialing in membership and develop a laddered approach to membership; refine the recruitment and on-boarding process. Highlight reasons for joining: networking, credits, best practices and leverage opportunities through global; opportunities through other chapters.

Maintain quality programs; continue to raise the bar on speakers and panelists; examine additional programs such as tele-classes, half-day program, member resource directory, networking opportunities; monitor how organization culture influences program development (for instance: IFCP has built a strong monthly dinner program, but so much attention is given to this program that little is left for other programs); factor in young professionals and address geographic areas (Harrisburg)

Goal 3 explores partnerships with educational institutions providing coach education; examine mutually beneficial activities i.e., graduate assistants, internships; develop a natural membership pipeline; leverage global relationships in the region; serve as a recruiting resource for internal company programs; provide best practices and training/credentialing; consider a corporate rate for membership (with appropriate benefits); develop an awards program acknowledging excellence in company coaching programs (Lehigh Valley Hospital is a good example); explore a strategic alignment with SHRM

Collect data to identify industries/organizations with internal coaching programs; assist Global in building stronger relationships with regional training programs in order to track data on potential members (ACTP); find data on total available audience of coaches; capitalize on Global’s reputation as the world-wide leader in credentialing.

Goal 4 calls for the creation of a “Case for Support”; elevate fund raising to an all-board responsibility; provide training to the board on fund raising techniques and secure professional support; ensure that events cover their costs; utilize sponsorships with defined benefits; identify, track, cultivate and solicit prospects.

In addition, establish mutually beneficial relationships with area companies, especially healthcare; tap professional resources within the industry; engage appropriate professional support; clearly articulate deliverables; face of the organization should be an Executive Director.

Goal 5 will develop an interactive model with Global; create a forum of discussion among and between chapters (all chapters are unique, but share common purpose);  access to Global R & D would be valuable; engage the Global regional office in a discussion of the ICFP strategic plan; understand the Global strategy in guiding credentialing, providing revenue to chapters, and raising the value of Global; use their membership strategy to benefit ICFP; drive more coaches to Global and align benefits with the chapter.

Collaborate with Global on educational connections; access speakers’ bureau; program development support (do not recreate the wheel); direction on common issues:  board recruitment and retention; membership growth, resource development, etc. Assist with packaging board on-boarding materials and training programs; providing leadership institute/meeting; developing chapter leadership; contribute to chapter leadership incentives: Global to consider dues relief for chapter board members.


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