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Teleclass - Core Competency #8: Creating Awareness

  • 11 Sep 2017
  • 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
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Speaker and Organizer:  Lynn Meinke, PCC

Core Competency #8: Creating Awareness

This is your job as a coach!  Actually this is the core of coaching!  Without insight or awareness sustainable change does not happen.  Did you know there are 30-40 ways to create awareness? So, besides understanding the importance of this core competency, we’ll also discover and review some of those ways to create awareness.  Please bring some techniques you know to share.  Once you build your toolbox of ways to increase awareness, your clients will invite change more easily.  In fact, they many even get excited about it.  They will also more easily start generating ways they can move forward. The bottom line: focus your attention on creating awareness and your clients will reap the benefits of masterful coaching.  We’ll also connect this core competency with the PCC Markers so that you get an understanding of what needs to be demonstrated at this level of coaching.

Objectives for attending this class –

  • Understand the importance of creating awareness in coaching and how it can lead to sustainable change
  • Discover some new techniques for creating awareness
  • Challenging yourself to keep this core competency in the forefront of your mind so you be a more effective coach
  • Learn how the PCC Markers expand this Core 

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