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  • Virtual Meeting on Zoom: Power, Privilege, Rank and Culture

Virtual Meeting on Zoom: Power, Privilege, Rank and Culture

  • 17 Jan 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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January Virtual Meeting

Power, Privilege, Rank and Culture

Presented by Halli MacNab, PCC

Thursday, January 17, 2019

7:00 - 8:30 PM

1.5 Core Competency CCEUs

Whether we know it or not, we’ve all had experiences that relate to Power, Privilege, Rank and Culture.   We will explain why it is critical to understand issues of Power, Privilege, Rank and Culture (PPRC) as coach educators, as coaches and as human beings. The more awareness of PPRC that we have, the better able we are to have relationships with our clients and our students that are impactful.   In our work as coaches and coach educators, we ask our students and our clients to recognize limiting belief systems and biases and we must do this work ourselves. This framing uniquely positions coach educators to do PPRC work. In PPRC work, we are also looking at the biases that are inherent in our belief systems and the way we move through the world including how this impacts the way we relate to each other, our students and our clients.

We will talk about what these concepts mean: power, privilege, rank and culture. For example, culture is more than race. It’s a rich term that includes religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic upbringing, language, education, citizenship, geography and much more.

We all have experience with privilege and we all have experience with oppression in the work we do and the systems in which we operate. Looking at these experiences and how they impact our view of the world is part of the work of PPRC, which gives us access to understanding and relating to our clients and our students more deeply.

Speaker -- Halli MacNab, PCC

Halli is a white, Canadian, lesbian, coach in private practice and trains coaches for Accomplishment Coaching. She was actively involved in the planning the Calling In Power & Culture Summit, held in Toronto in September, which brought together coaches and coach educators from around the world who are passionate about transforming the dynamics of power, privilege, rank and culture in coach education and the coaching profession as a whole. She is past president of the Vancouver Island Chapter of the ICF, and the President-Elect of ACTO.

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