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Core Competency Practicum - Great Beginnings Lead to Great Endings: Core Competency #2- Establishing the Coaching Agreement

  • 5 Mar 2019
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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Core Competency Practicum

Great Beginnings Lead to Great Endings: Core Competency #2- Establishing the Coaching Agreement

Tuesday, March 5th

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

1.5 Core Competency CCEUs

(Virtual Meeting via Zoom using Breakout Rooms!)

The coaching process starts with this Core Competency. What is it that is really important for you to know before you start coaching a client? What does the client want? Where are you going? Where does the client want to end up? What would it mean for the client to achieve what he/she wants? What else may be lurking in the background that needs to be explored as well? Without setting a clearly defined destination you can end up in the weeds!

This competency allows you to create a journey with guideposts along the way so that the client can increase his/her awareness and arrive at the destination. This is also one of the Core Competencies that differs dramatically from what is now outlined in the PCC Markers! Learn how to set a thorough agenda that provides clarity and creates awareness in the process, while also increasing connection and rapport with the client!

Benefits of attending this workshop:

  1. Learn how to set a thorough coaching agenda at the PCC level. 
  2. Know what is different between what is currently stated in Core Competency #2 and what behaviors are expected according to the PCC Markers for Core Competency #2.
  3. Practice setting the agenda following the PCC Marker guidelines, while not making it a checklist. 
  4. Increase your confidence and competence in this Competency.

Speaker -- Lynn Meinke

As a seasoned coach educator, trainer, mentor, supervisor and assessor, Lynn Meinke, PCC is dedicated to enhancing each person’s coaching abilities by sharing her knowledge of coaching, especially the Core Competencies, how the PCC Markers support and augment the Core Competencies, and moving into more mastery. As a coach educator with 20 years experience teaching all levels of coaching education, she lives and breathes coaching by teaching in a university coach-training program as well as a coach-training institute. She also provides individual and group mentoring, supervision and coaching.

She is the founder of Coaching Services International and the Centre for Coaching Education (www.CentreforCoachingEducation.com), which provides advanced topics for coaches desiring to deepen their coaching or expand their coaching repertoire.

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